AWA Learning Programs Overview

A Fountain of Knowledge for a Thirsty World

AWA programmes are being developed by international and regional experts in various fields from some of the world's best universities in North America, Europe and Asia, international capacity building organizations as well as regional centres of excellence.

In 2008, a Learning Development Workshop was held where more than 80 participants, ranging from ministers, water utility managers, to academicians and international experts, representing 25 countries, brainstormed ideas for the programmes to be offered. The results of these consultations led to the development of the below priority learning programmes currently scheduled for delivery in 2009 and 2010. Additional courses will be developed in the future in response to regional and donor organization needs.

Our Programs

1. Climate Change and Sustainable Land-Water Management

2. Private Sector Participation (PSP) in Water

3. Water Diplomacy: Sharing Waters, Sharing Benefits

4. Water Governance for Future Leaders

5. Designing and Implementing Successful Utility Reform

6. Non-Conventional Water Resources Travelling Workshop